Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fare Stage 2

Ive ditched my other job and i have been training since Monday at the TWM training centre at Walsall.
After all the paper work we was split into groups of two to pair up with our instructors.
After the meet and greet we then go out to look at a bus and to see all the features and controls. To my surprise we was to get our first taster at driving a bus.
Our bus was a old trainer converted leyland lynx which we took on a few laps of the yard at walsall garage. To my surprise this thing picks up speed real quick and the brakes are so sharp i thought i was going to go throught the windscreen.

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Roger said...

I learned on an old Caetano long single decker; the instructor had a habit, whether you applied the foot brake hard or soft, of running half-way down the bus and making out he was going to go through the windscreen. We trainees had a collectively evil sense of humour, and when it came to doing our move-off depot checks (brake test included), managed one day to actually get Dave into the windscreen. He DID see the funny side, and boy was it worth waiting for, but if you think I'm spilling on here who dunnit, fat chance!