Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fare stage 1

Ok ive applied for a PCV driver post at Travel West Midlands.

I was intvited to come to a assesment and interview.

The day started at 8am with a introdution to the company and what the job would involve.
Next up was a series of assesments.
The assesment consisted of a maths test a road sign test and a short drivers theory type test.

Lucky for me i passed with only one question wrong.

Because i passed my assesment i would be doing toe driving assesment with a instructor in a Ford Transit minibus.

I thought to myself this would be a doddle as i have driven one of the new type transit vans.
The fact was it was the old type transits that i haven't driven before which felt like hard work to drive compared to the new shape Transits. A lot more push and pull of the steering wheel around those corners and more gas for the biting points. To settle my nerves i conversated with the instructor which put me at ease.
Lucky for me again i passed this too on the test route which had many turns and junctions.

As i passed this i went on to my interview and now i have been offered a medical this friday.


Just Another Driver... said...

Welcome aboard! Nice to see some new people BusBlogging! If ya got any questions im sure I can help you out! what garage are you hoping to start out at ?

joe89 said...

are the travel wm training buses automatic

email quick as i have to go the walsall training centre on monday


Hafiz Awais said...

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