Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fare Stage 5

Well the bad news is ... well... the bad news is that im going to miss the Canteen at Walsall garage and im going to miss driving the Lynx's and the gas bus.
Good news is that at Wolverhampton Test Centre i passed and i now am officially allowed to drive a pcv bus.
Fisrt of all i would like to thank the training team at TWM (even tho they owe me £25).
The instructors really do have a hard job of converting us car drivers to be able to drive something so big.


Just Another Driver... said...

Well done matey!

This is where the fun(!) starts!

Which garage are ya goin to?

Jimmy said...

Hey hey, well done matey, the honeymoons over . . . lol

Matthew (Xero) said...

heyhey im at walsall training at the moment, so i know what your going thought, since you just passed your exam do you have any handy hints as ive got mine on the 7th May

Driver Fox said...

Im at Lea Hall Garage. Good luck to all who are having their tests. And you right jammy the honeymoon period has ended.